Our cities, your experience.

As a company which began in Co. Cork in the South of Ireland back in 2004, we have always stayed true to our roots; in fact, we’re so established in our native country that even our Italian co-founder Enrico has picked up a Cork accent and happily calls himself ‘part (but quite a big part) Irish’.

So, as well as having an inbound office in Cork (though a much bigger one than we had when we first started out, thankfully), we also have welcome centres – catering for inbound as well as outbound travellers – in Dublin and Galway.

Inbound offices, you say – what do we possibly mean?

Essentially, our inbound offices are the places where we meet inbound clients (people coming to Ireland to Stay | Study | Work | Play.
So, to put it simply, when you arrive in Ireland to start your new adventure, a member of our team will meet you and get you up and running!