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work and study in ireland

Ireland, besides being a wonderful country, rich in culture and populated by welcoming people, is above all the destination of thousands of international students and professionals who every year look for work in one of the many companies among the most important in the world. How is life in Ireland? Obviously the unique atmosphere of the pubs, the vivid green landscapes and the cultural richness make Ireland a very attractive destination to live, study and work.


As a company which began in Co. Cork in the South of Ireland back in 2004, we have always stayed true to our roots; in fact, we’re so established in our native country that even our Italian co-founder Enrico has picked up a Cork accent and happily calls himself ‘part (but quite a big part) Irish’. Julia, proudly Irish from Cork is the other EazyCity co-founder who loves welcoming students to her beautiful land.

So, as well as having an inbound office in Cork (though a much bigger one than we had when we first started out, thankfully), we also have welcome centres – catering for inbound as well as outbound travellers – in Dublin and Galway.

Inbound offices, you say – what do we possibly mean?

Essentially, our inbound offices are the places where we meet inbound clients (people coming to Ireland to Stay | Study | Work | Play.
So, to put it simply, when you arrive in Ireland to start your new adventure, a member of our team will meet you and get you up and running!