About Our International Study & Work Team

Because our multilingual study and work team is made up of passionate travel lovers who understand – because they’ve all done it! – what’s involved in setting up home in a new country, they will put together a study, work and accommodation package to suit your specific needs.

‘But can’t I just arrange everything myself?’ I hear you ask.

Well, the thing is, whenever you make the life-changing decision to live and work abroad, and have decided on your destination, the overwhelming feeling you’ll have is one of excitement at the thoughts of what lies ahead.

That’s exactly why our Study and Work Advisors offer a full range of supports and services, 24/7 – leaving you to focus on the excitement part while we sort out all of the many time-consuming and onerous practicalities:

Meet our Study and Work team

International Study & Work Leader

Spanish  Spanish  Spanish, Catalan, English

+34 611 078 262

International Study & Work Advisor

Italian  Italian  Italian    Italian, English, French

+39 380 239 2078

International Study & Work Advisor

Italian  Italian  Italian, English

+353 87 16 40 835

  • Multilingual (English, Spanish, Italian, French) advisors for you ease and comfort
  • Passionate, dynamic, flexible staff who have already done it
  • Expert in everything to do with studying, working and living abroad
  • High-quality accommodation and language school providers guaranteed
  • Available to you Monday to Saturday, 9.30am to 7 pm
  • Available on Facebook Chat, email, phone and WhatsApp
  • Tailor-made programs designed around your specific needs and interests
  • Additional activities, courses and local services as require
  • Our ‘Price Match Promise’ guaranteeing best value every time
  • + 31 destinations +100 programs